List Of The Top Tree Diseases You Should Know About

Do you have trees on your property, be it your residence or business? If so, then you want to do what you can to protect them. This means knowing what some of the most common tree diseases are. The top tree diseases you should know about are as followed:

Oak Wilt
Oak Wilt affects oak trees and it is spread either by root graft infections or via insects. Beetles that feed on sap can spread the disease from trees that are infected to healthy trees. Oak Wilt will tend to cause leaf drop in all types of oak trees, but other symptoms will progress in a different manner if different oak trees. If you have oak trees on your property and you want to have them treated for Oak Wilt, then hire a professional tree expert and they will take care of it for you.

This is more of a symptom and not a specific type of fungus. With that said, one of the most common symptoms associated with Anthracnose is dead areas on the leaves. Blotches on the leaves is another common symptom. In some cases, leaves are completely engulfed and small branches may end up dying.

When trees have this disease, it’s their leaves that will usually be affected the most. However, the fungi can spread to the tree’s branches and this can result in dogwood. Do bear in mind that many of the symptoms associated with this disease can be caused by other things.

Lethal Yellowing
This disease affects palm trees. Some of the species of trees the disease is found in include date palm, Canary Island date palm and coconut palm to name a few. It’s worth pointing out that the disease usually doesn’t affect native palm trees, but this isn’t¬†always the case.

Phytoplasma, a bacteria-like organism, is what causes lethal yellowing. The plant-hopper, an insect, is what transmits the disease. Some of the most common symptoms associated with lethal yellowing include premature fruit drop, flower death, and the foliage can change yellow, hence the name of the disease. Palm trees that are infected with lethal yellowing will usually live for up to five months after becoming infected.

Cedar Rusts
These are foliar diseases that affect plants such as crabapple and hawthorn. If you have a crabapple tree, then you’ll want to inspect it regularly for signs of this disease. Some species of trees are more susceptible to this disease than others.

As for symptoms, one of the most common ones is leaf spots, which will either be a rusted color or an orange color. The spots form on the crabapples or hawthorn in the spring. Also, twig cankers may develop, as well as structures that can produce spores.

If you’re not a tree expert, then do yourself a favor and hire one if you suspect your trees have one of the above diseases. Experts have the knowledge and equipment to treat your tree and possibly save it. Contact an expert today and tell them you would like your trees inspected and/or treated.